The Red Summer Album by Red Velvet – Tracks Insight

Happiness!! ❤💜💛💚💙

This album “review” / “insight” is kinda late Luvies. Sorry!! 

Have you read my “The Red Summer” album review? If not, you can click this link: The Red Summer Mini Album.

Just a heads up, I am not professional musician and this review is purely an opinion from a kpop fan. 😁

Let’s start! ☉

1. Red Flavor – this title track is very vibrant, catchy, and SUMMERY. There are kpop songs that are not that great if MV and live performance are not seen. But this one, even without MV or live performance, it is lit AF. Wendy and Seulgi’s vocal is daebak! Joy’s unique vocal stood out and ofcourse Yeri and Irene’s rap is the most awaited (we miss it!). There’s an autotune (Re-re-red flavor!) distributed all over the song which will be kinda disturbing to some but not for me. Please watch and like the MV, click the link: Red Flavor by Red Velvet. I rate this 9/10. ❤

2. You Better Know – MY FAVORITE! 😂 Red Velvet’s side tracks are ALWAYS lit. And this one is not an excemption. For me, the song is playing between their Red and Velvet concepts. It is giving us “feel good” vibe. Everytime I listen to the last chorus repeat, Wendy’s harmonization is giving me an “awwww” moment. The performance is as perfect as the song, it’s so sexy! There’s also an MV for this song (click the link), The Red Summer Vacation. Rating is definitely 10/10. 💙

3. Zoo – one word, Tarzan!! As you listen to the song, all you can imagine is forest, sky, animals. The song will take you to different places (zoo!). When Yeri, Irene, and Seulgi sang this in acapella, I can’t help but to love it. By the way, they also perform Zoo during their first ever concert and the choreo is AMAZING! This song is 9.5/10 for me. 💛

4. Mojito – not flashy, relax, and just good feel song. This is the best transition song from Zoo to Hear the Sea. I love how they manage the flow of the tracks very well. For me Mojito is best played during your alone time, sipping your cocktail (mojito!) And just relaxing after the long hours of work or school. 8/10 rating. 💜

5. Hear the Sea – last track from their Mini Album. Yep, there’s only five and we want more! Lols. 😂 This song is kinda emotional. When I listen to it, I imagine myself near the beach watching the sun goes down with my love one or friends. That’s why I love RV’s song, it always bring us to different world. It has an MV as well. It is BTS of Red Flavor MV making. Here’s the link: The Red Summer Memories. I rate this 8.5/10. 💚

The whole album for me is 9/10 (includes packaging and tracks). Missing one point since it’s only mini album. Five songs are not enough to showcase their vocals and over all talent. Honestly, I’m hoping for another comeback this year, early December! Lols. But I know they need to rest so I will be more patient. 😁✌

Thank you for giving time to read. Hope you can write a comment (for my own improvement! Hahaha. 😘)


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