The Red Summer – Red Velvet’s Mini Album Unboxing

So it is summer time in Korea right now. Woooooo!! 😳 Really getting hot, right? But I am from the Philippines and we always feel the ‘Summer Heat’ like half of the year. Lolss.. 😂😂😂

But one of the best things to do to ease the rushing high temperature is to listen to refreshing summer songs! And Red Velvet’s new mini album, The Red Summer, will definitely make you go.. “Oh yeah Summer.. Game on!” ☉😎

Back Cover – The Red Summer

I preordered the album about a month ago via KpopMart but SM just released it on July 9th. And BOOYAH! I received the package on July 25th. The shipping only took 16 days and I think that’s kinda fast considering it was sent via mail postage. So I’m very satisfied and happy! 😁 Thank you Kpopmart! 🤗

(I will make a separate review on different kpop online stores where you can buy kpop albums and goodies. 😉)

Sealed Package – The Red Summer Mini Album and Poster via

Since I preordered the album, I got a chance to receive an official poster as well. I haven’t put that at my wall yet but what I like most about the poster is, it is NOT FOLDED. So the poster retains its crisp texture. No dents and obvious marks of folds. Btw, girls are looking very HOT!! 💓 I have seen this photo online, but having this on-hand is a different story. 👌

Red Velvet’s 5th Mini Album, The Red Summer, has 5 tracks including the carrier single, The Red Flavor. 

The front cover of the album only says, FRUITS, SUMMER, and give me more FRUITS. Lols.. 😂 Red Velvet always gives us quirky and unique vibe. So this album front cover speaks it all. It is weird, unique, and full of HAPPINESS. Booyah! 😁

Front Cover – The Red Summer Album

The Red Summer Mini Album – Even the side graphics are quirky and fun.

Track List:

  1. Red Flavor 
  2. You Better Know (my favorite!! 💓)
  3. Zoo 
  4. Mojito 
  5. Hear The Sea

(Song Review for this album will be on separate post. 😁)

Here’s the link for the song review, click the link: The Red Summer Tracks Insight.

    The Red Summer Track List and Back Cover

    Look how thick the Photo Book is. I was so excited to open it!! I know most of the photos are now can be seen and downloaded online, but definitely a physical album is something a fan cannot compromise. 😘

    Sealed ‘The Red Summer’ Mini Album. Good things are inside. ❤💜💛💚💙

    Upon opening, we will see cover page of the photobook (same image as the poster). The disc has slices of each fruits which represents our girls. 

    • Pineapple Seulgi
    • Watermelon Irene
    • Grapes Yeri
    • Kiwi Joy

    And unexpectedly.. tadah!!

    • Orange Wendy

    Why SM? Why not blue? 😣

    Lolsss.. 😂😂😂

    But nothing to worry,  since Wendy was able to pull off being “Blue Orange” 😍😍😍

      Slices of Fruits for our Summer 🍉🍊🍍🍇🍈

      And my favorite part.. the photocard!!

      Just so you know readers.. Hahaha. I’m so inlove with Pineapple Kang Seulgi Bear. 🐻💛

      So when I saw Seulgi’s photocard.. I screamed on top my lungs. To the point that my husband rushed to our room to check me out. 😂😂😂

      I’m super duper happy with the random album that I received. Sooo lucky me! 💛

      I believe there are 10 different photocards, randomly inserted in the album. Two photos for each members but only one photocard per album. So, getting Seulgi is only 20% and luckily I have hers. ✌

      Waaaaahhhh!! My HAPPINESS! 🐻💛🍍

      Pink Top, Yellow Sunnies, and Gorgeous Face. Only Kang Seulgi 💛🐻🍍

      Her autograph is A-MA-ZING!! I don’t understand the Hangul though. 😣

      Here are the other photos which are all awesome and visually captivating. 💛💜❤💚💙

      Seulrene. ❤💛❤💛❤

      This one is giving us SNSD’s Party vibe, right? ❤💜💛💚💙

      Flashlights on color coding as well. ❤💜💛💚💙 Again, no blue for Wendy. But that’s OK. Wendy is still blue on Reveluv’s heart. 😁

      Last page of the album. 🌞🌞🌞

      Red Velvet never failed to make us smile and feel good on their music and style. They have Summer concept (just like with other groups) but definitely there’s something about RV that makes them different. Not cutesy or girl crush concepts.. but just Red Velvet concept. ❤💜💛💚💙
      They are really busy nowadays – Red Flavor promotion, Red Room Concert prep (oh yeah!), SMTown concert, and many more. Let’s keep supporting our girls. Fighting! 😉👌


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