‘Holiday Night’ with Girls’ Generation – Yoona Teaser

How many of us are waiting for Girls’ Generation COMEBACK? I guess.. MILLIONS! 😍

The QUEENS are back! 👑

So last night, around 11:00 PM Ph Standard Time, I was watching Red Velvet’s live performance when a VLIVE notification pops up. I read something about, Yoona!! I clicked, and my heart was bursting with happiness. My Goddess Yoona’s comeback video teaser for their 10th Anniversary is now here!!! She’s so beautiful, elegant, and I want to party with her! The clip also shows the ‘young’ Yoona. How she started and who she is now. I almost scream but I need to hold back my voice since my husband is already sleeping. Lols. 😂😂😂

Upon reading some of the comments, somebody translated Yoona’s narration. She said that meeting the other members of SNSD made it easier for her to achieve her dreams. She also said that she has alot of fantastic memories because of the girls.

I almost cried watching the clip and also knowing how Yoona felt after being in a group for 10 years. That’s legendary, indeed.

Here’s the link for the video: Yoona Teaser Clip – Holiday Night

After watching the clip, I checked my Facebook, and here’s a beautiful image of Yoona. She’s wearing this metallic mini skirt with multicolored sequin top. I LOVE HER OUTFIT! Just right for a Goddess like her. She can pull off any outfit, doesn’t she? ❤

This morning, another photo of Yoona was uploaded. This one is kinda opposite of the first photo. The first one, she looks like seducing us in an assertive way. 😘 The second photo, she looks like seducing us in an innocent way. 😉

I want to know the translation of the Hangul on both photos though. I’m curious as hell.

This comeback will be LIT, for sure. I’m sensing a very catchy song and dance from our girls. This one will be very special since they will be celebrating their 10th year as well.

I can’t wait for the other teasers!!

They will be releasing their 6th full album ‘Holiday Night’ physically on Aug 7. 

The album contains a total of 10 tracks including double title songs ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday.’


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